Make allowances for a "Plan B."  If a compromise would get you partial funding, spell it out.  

Briefly describe your ideas and goals for the grant.

Be clear about how you will ultimately determine whether your project was a success.

Be innovative and be creative in your approach & don't be afraid to ask for technology items or reusable items.

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tips for a successful grant application

Relate your project to the District or Campus Improvement Plan.

Limit the number of objectives related to your project.

Avoid seeking funds for non-eligible expenses, such as t-shirts, athletic uniforms, professional development, food, or furniture.

Seek opportunities to collaborate with other teachers and community partners.


‚ÄčGood luck!!!


Completed grant applications should be submitted at the
Whitehouse ISD Administration office located at
 106 Wildcat Dr. Whitehouse, Texas 75791.  
For more information on the grant application process, please contact James Wansley at

Succinctly and clearly identify the area of student achievement your proposal addresses.