Vivofit: We'd Like to Move It, Move It


2nd Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade
Brown Elementary, Whitehouse High School
Ms. Katy Ybarra, Mr. Adam Cook

The best educators know: Kids learn better when they’re moving. Regular activity – more than recess and PE can provide – is shown to bolster information retention, emotional intelligence and conflict resolution. Plus, 2nd grade teacher Katy Ybarra says, “It makes learning more fun!” Partnering with APEC, Ybarra and Athletic Director, Adam Cook, collaborated on a grant to bring an exercise program into her regular classroom (not PE) at Brown Elementary. The fitness program includes Vivofit fitness trackers and high school student-athletes who serve as mentors.What We Funded: A program, used daily, that guides students through exercise and movement as they review academic concepts.Activity trackers for each student.A monthly visit from a group of high school athletes who participate in the exercise routine and mentor the 2nd graders.What It Does: Tracks that each child gets (at least) 60 minutes of physical activity each day.  Reinforces and rewards physical activity via measurement. Creates inter-disciplinary learning.Why it Matters:  “My ultimate goal is that my students fall in love with taking care of their whole bodies,” Ybarra says. “That they learn to have a vision of what is healthy for them, and set goals to achieve their vision.”