Supporting Education and Accelerating Innovation for WISD Students

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‘Building The Future Through Engaged Learning’

Kirk Daigle; Sharyn Womble; Taylor Locke; Caitlyn Carnes | Holloway 6 th Grade School

WHAT WE FUNDED: 4 designated laptops and software, to enable teams of 6 th and 7 th grade students to participate in Future City.

WHAT IT DOES: The annual Future City Competition – which draws about 40,000 middle schoolers nationwide – asks students to design and create a scale model of a city in the future. Students also build virtually, using SimCity software, write an essay about their city, create a slide presentation on their project and present their idea before judges. The process engages a wide cross-section of academic and life skills, from science, social studies, math, engineering, art and writing, to public speaking.

WHY IT MATTERS: Bringing so many disciplines together, this effort showcases just the kind of integrated and innovative learning we believe in! It establishes a Future City Club Project Fair on the Holloway campus. And it extends enthusiasm for the competition to other campuses as participants “age up.” The hope is to scale and spread Future City clubs to other campuses within WISD.


‘Thinking Outside the (Sand)Box’

Rebecca Machost; Nick Goodson; Astrid Marcano | Whitehouse Junior High School

WHAT WE FUNDED: Materials to create an Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox.

WHAT IT DOES: AR Sandbox uses a computer projector and a motion sensing input device (a Kinect 3D camera) mounted above a box of sand. The student interacts with the exhibit by shaping special “kinetic” sand in a basin. The Kinect detects the distance to the sand below, and then an overhead projector casts an elevation model with contour lines and color map onto the surface of the sand. The projected elevation model changes in real time as the students move the sand.

WHY IT MATTERS: Students need more ways to physically manipulate information pertaining to Earth Science concepts. “We can now take the sandbox to a whole new level and use it to teach concepts to students that are otherwise very hard for them to manipulate and observe in real time.”

Over $300,000 awarded to Whitehouse ISD Faculty and Staff 



Dear Friends,

The Foundation’s work is made possible by the overwhelming support and partnership we receive from the community including businesses, parents, neighbors, and collectively, our largest donor - school employees.  We could not do what we do without your support and we greatly appreciate it.

We want to support the District to make the education received in Whitehouse schools from Pre-K through 12th grade second to none.  We do this through fundraising and then in turn, awarding grants to employees of the District.  Our grant process was designed to encourage our teachers to take chances on new ideas, concepts and technologies.  Our awarded grants are wide-ranging each year - benefitting every school and grade level in the District and supporting a variety of academic areas including math, science, history, reading, technology, and fine arts. Last year, the Whitehouse ISD Education Foundation awarded 32 grants totaling in excess of $69,000.

We are successful only through our amazing partnerships with the community.  Please join me and the Whitehouse ISD Education Foundation Board in supporting these efforts!

Sincerely, Maegan Schneider 2018-19 Board President

Maegan Schneider
2018-19 Board President






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Thank you for joining us at our ‘2019 Celebration of Innovation’